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«Счастливый час» - Хостаил
Dark-Space make a reset

Hello all players of dark-space, I announce you that the universe have be resetted and that all users account are deleted, you will need to create a new game a...

07. Mai 2015, 23:17:47
«Счастливый час» - Хостаил

The game stay playable as its easter day and alot of players have free day,
we locked all hostile missions until 20.00
Some page are unavaible and will ...

06. Avr 2015, 17:03:47
«Счастливый час» - Хостаил
New Accounts [dark-space]

Some new registered account have been deleted from game due to a start bug with infinite message of achievements, this is now fixed and you may register again w...

20. Mar 2015, 17:02:25
«Счастливый час» - Хостаил
Moon Contest [END]

The final ranking of our moons contest is posted on our forum, use you ingame details to use our forum Le classement final de notre premier concour est poster ...

08. Mar 2015, 20:00:36
«Счастливый час» - Хостаил
Dark-Space: Empire ! [EN/DE/FR] [01/03/2015]

Dark-Space: Empire ! is glad to announce you the official opening of our shiny new universe. The universe will start on 1st march 2015 at 14h30.
What can yo...

24. Fev 2015, 00:40:46
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